We are now accepting PayPal donations! SlimDX is over 150,000 lines of code, and that takes real time and effort to build outside of our normal lives. By donating, you help to support us, support the project, and ensure that the library continues to thrive. We don't request any specific minimum or maximum values for donations; all contributions are appreciated! If you would prefer to mail a check, please e-mail promit at directly to get an address.


We're experts at interoperability, between DirectX components and between managed and native environments. Our skills are quite unique, and as a result of working on SlimDX for several years they are unmatched. Why stumble through mechanical problems with DirectX or interop when we can do it for you, fast and cheap? We are willing to offer our skills on a contract basis for any client, whether or not the work is SlimDX related. Please contact us directly for pricing details by e-mailing:
promit at
Note that our ability to provide consulting services is limited by time and we may not be able to accept all jobs. Pricing is provided on a per project basis, so contact us with details of what you need done and we will provide an estimate.

Some of our recent customers include:

Support Contracts

For our corporate users, we are now offering official support contracts. Purchasing a support contract will help support the SlimDX project, but also provides you a range of benefits. Contract customers are entitled to direct e-mail and phone support with guaranteed response times. You may also be eligible for special services such as customized builds, custom documentation, and more. Please contact us directly for pricing details by e-mailing promit at Don't forget to identify your company for us!

Contact Us

We recommend that questions be posted to the DirectX forum on GameDev.Net, as all of the SlimDX developers are regulars there. You may at your discretion prefix your thread title with [SlimDX]. If you believe you have found a bug, or you have a feature request, please enter it in our Issue Tracker. The developers are also typically available in the #gamedev and #graphicsdev IRC channels on AfterNET ( Lastly, you can email This is *not* a recommended method of communicating with us, unless you have a support contract. We will still respond to people without a support contract; however, it is not considered a priority. Email is a good idea if you're interested in contributing to SlimDX, though.