SlimDX Documentation
PerspectiveFovLH Method (fov, aspect, znear, zfar)
NamespacesSlimDXMatrixPerspectiveFovLH(Single, Single, Single, Single)
Creates a left-handed, perspective projection matrix based on a field of view.
Declaration Syntax
public static Matrix PerspectiveFovLH(
	float fov,
	float aspect,
	float znear,
	float zfar
fov (Single)
Field of view in the y direction, in radians.
aspect (Single)
Aspect ratio, defined as view space width divided by height.
znear (Single)
Minimum z-value of the viewing volume.
zfar (Single)
Maximum z-value of the viewing volume.
Return Value
The created projection matrix.

Assembly: SlimDX (Module: SlimDX) Version: