SlimDX Documentation
Multiply Method (left, right, result, offset, count)
NamespacesSlimDXMatrixMultiply(array<Matrix>[]()[][], array<Matrix>[]()[][], array<Matrix>[]()[][], Int32, Int32)
Determines the products of two arrays of matrices.
Declaration Syntax
public static void Multiply(
	Matrix[] left,
	Matrix[] right,
	Matrix[] result,
	int offset,
	int count
left (array<Matrix>[]()[][])
The first matrix array to multiply.
right (array<Matrix>[]()[][])
The second matrix array to multiply.
result (array<Matrix>[]()[][])
The array of products of the two matrices.
offset (Int32)
The offset at which to begin the multiplication.
count (Int32)
The number of matrices to multiply, or 0 to process the entire array.

Assembly: SlimDX (Module: SlimDX) Version: