We're experts at interoperability, between DirectX components and between managed and native environments. Our skills are quite unique, and as a result of working on SlimDX for several years they are unmatched. Why stumble through mechanical problems and obscure bugs when we can do it for you, fast and cheap? Whether it's DirectX, XNA, WPF, or any other multimedia technology, SlimDX Consulting can make it work. Don't let legacy code hold you back; games, tools, editors, and helper code can all benefit from .NET.

We are willing to offer our skills on a contract basis for any client. Please contact us directly for pricing details by e-mailing:
promit at
Pricing is provided on a per project basis, so contact us with details of what you need done and we will provide an estimate.

Some of our recent customers include:

K-NFB Reading Technology
Johns Hopkins University